Triumphs on the Turf

This memoir sheds light on Maj Lad’s journey from the Gwalior State army to his stint as an Aid de Camps for his Highness Jiwaji Rao Scindia and finally to his raison d'etre;

H orse racing! Maj Lad’s name is associated with thoroughbreds like Star of Gwalior, Mukhtar ul Mulk, Maratha Lancer, Thundering, each splendid horse with a definite temperament and capacity. Every one of them gave him recognition in the form of accolades for classic races like the The Oaks, The St Leger, The Derby, The 1000 and 2000 Guineas cup.

Triumphs on the Turf is a simple narrative that gives insights into the horse racing world and Maj Lad’s life at the Gwalior fort, Sardar High school and his close association with the magnificent Gwalior palace.

Some of the surreal moments that are captured in the book are from his youth, for example an elephant ride down the steep slopes of the Gwalior fort to the accompaniment of bells chimes tied to the animal’s neck.

Then again a spine chilling first hand account of a tiger ‘shikar’ and exhaustive descriptions of pomp and splendor during the palace festivities are some of the interesting instances from the book.

Triumphs on the Turf is a tribute to my grandfather, Major V. M. Lad.

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