About me..

As a child whenever I was touched by a poignant scene or found myself flushed with happiness, I would invariably wish that I could recreate those instances into words.

That wish was granted. Writing became my profession.

O n a lighter note and up close & personal, I am a very optimistic person with a never say die attitude. I smile a lot and strongly believe that if people smiled more often and used kindness in their words a lot of the world’s problems could be easily countered.

Nature never ceases to amaze me and I find contentment from being around its simple wonders; flowers, trees, rivers, hills and so on. My love for animals is no secret and I’m consciously committed to environmental causes.

As I try to look into the future, I’m not sure what my next venture will be. Will it be a book? A new profession? A new course? But one thing is indisputable, there are boundless avenues and the sky’s the limit…