Ganga Jamuna

Ganga Jamuna is the tale of Abani, an enchanting woman from Nepal. True to her name, which means mother earth in Sanskrit, Abani bears unimaginable burdens with remarkable tenacity.

W hen she is faced with a medical 
situation that seems insurmountable,
 Singapore, the hallmark of modern 
medicine, comes to the rescue, and 
she finds herself travelling across borders seeking solutions. This journey proves to be a fulfilling experience and a turning point in more ways than one, as she discovers new allies in strangers.

Just when everything seems to be finally going right, another bout of misfortune strikes. Holding onto mere filaments of hope, Abani chances upon answers in the elements of nature, which enable her to carry on and make her stronger than before.

Ganga Jamuna is saga of love & loss, a tale of undying friendships and a testimony to a woman's extraordinary spirit ...

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